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Equal Pay Enrollment

Already participating in equal pay?

If you are currently on equal pay, you don't have to do anything. Your account will continue to be on equal pay. Your payment amount will be adjusted with your February billing.


Not currently participating in equal pay, but would like to?

  1. You can only sign up for equal pay during the enrollment period, which is after your January bill due date in February.
  2. Your account needs to be current.
  3. There must be at least one year historical billing.
  4. If you voluntarily choose to go off of equal pay, you cannot go back on until the next evaluation period.
  5. Your account will be re-evaluated in January each year and will stay on equal pay until you notify us either by phone or in writing that you choose to go off of equal pay.
  6. One late payment is allowed during the 12 month equal pay period.
  7. If your account goes off equal pay for missing more than one payment, you cannot go back on until the next evaluation. The full amount is due and payable at that time.
  8. To enroll in equal pay call our office at 801-968-1011 ext. 1 or email  


By calling our office to enroll, you agree to the policy set forth above.  If you have further questions or comments, please let us know.

To enroll, please ask our office staff for details.